Christopher Foster (1755-1837)

I have been able to get a bit further back on the Foster line, and whilst what follows is probably correct there is no way that I can say it is definitely correct as there are only parish records to go by but I have tried to match names, dates, occupations and places to be as accurate as possible.

Christopher Foster (1755-1837) was the second of six children born to James Foster of Crooklands. The other five are Robert b. 1753; Margaret b. 1756; Esther b. 1758; Dorothy b. 1763 and Jane b. 1766.

This has got to be him as there are no other Christophers born at the right time (unless, of course, he was born outside of the area); this Christopher was born at Crooklands which is close to Newby Cote.

Crooklands is now a B&B.

Christopher married Isabel Batty (1753-1827) at St James, Clapham, on 29th August 1778; their witnesses were John Windle and Thomas Batty, probably Isabel's brother. On the parish record it says that Christopher is a yeoman, which would make sense if he lived at Crooklands.

He was baptised at St James, Clapham, 7th March 1755.

Christopher and Isabel had five children:

James, baptised on 16th January 1779, son of Christopher of Newby.

Ann, baptised 10th June 1788; Ann went on to marry Miles Dean on 1st June 1816 and in the 1841 census they are living in Caton near Lancaster with their five daughters Judith aged 22, Mary 18, Elizabeth 15, Ann 12, and Deborah 11.

Margaret, baptised 24th October 1790. She married Thomas Leeming (a surname that crops up much later down the line) on 5th February 1814 and they have three children, their first, Thomas, was born and died in 1810; Isabella was baptised on 1st October 1814 and was born at a farmhouse called Slatenber on the Clapham Old Road between Ingleton and Newby Cote; and John baptised on 7th May 1826 - the family were living at Cold Cotes, another farm house close to Slatenber. Both of these farmhouses are still standing, indeed, most of these old farmhouses are now listed: Slatenber. There is self-catering accommodation at Cold Cotes.

Robert (1794-1873); and Jane, who was baptised on 6th November 1796 but died when she was two years old.