Isabel Batty (1753-1827)

Isabel is the daughter of William Batty (1723-1804) and Ellin Howson (1753-1806) and was born at Kettlesbeck which is three miles south of Clapham. Isabel was baptised at St James, Clapham, on 18th March 1853. She has a younger brother, Thomas, who was also born at Kettlesbeck in 1756. Isabel married Christopher Foster at St James, Clapham on 29th August 1778.

Isabel's father, William, was born in 1723 - I am not sure where but it will be in the vicinity of Clapham; neither do I know where her mother, Ellin, was born although it seems likely it was Horton-in-Ribblesdale. Her parents were married on 6th May 1752, probably at St Alkelda's church, Giggleswick. Little is known about this saint - she may be an Anglo-Saxon princess or the name could be a corruption of the Anglo-Saxon word haeligkeld, meaning holy spring. Here is a link to a video where you can hear the chimes.

According to the Land Tax Records, William owned some land in the township of Newby for which he paid tax in 1786 of eighteen shillings; although this might be another William.

Both William and Ellin lived into their old age: William died in 1803 aged 81 (he was a yeoman) and Ellin died three years later, she was 84; they are both buried at St James, Clapham.

There has been some confusion between this William and another William Batty who lived around the same time at Newby Cote. They are clearly related and the Batty's go back in this area to at least the mid 17th century. William Batty from Newby Cote, the son of Giles Batty, was an Inghamite preacher. This William married Ann Swinglehurst. He died in 1787 and is buried at Wheatley Lane Inghamite Chapel in Fence, his wife, Ann died in 1802.