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Biographies of Researchers

Jan Bridget: I have a BA (Hons) in Classical Studies (1979) from London University. I have been conducting family research for over 15 years and have my own family heritage website; here is a link to the website map, Janet and Stephen's Family Heritage.

I have recently completed a book about one of my distant ancestors, Will Sutton: The Forgotten Trail Breaker of Vancouver Island, which I am submitting to relevant publishers; for further information about Will Sutton see the article I wrote for Wikipedia. I have had articles published about William John and his father, William Sutton, in Sedbergh Historian. I have also given talks about Richard Sutton at Ormskirk U3A, Lancashire Archives, Preston and Todmorden Library.

I set up the Todmorden Family History Group in 2013; we have had about twenty members over this period. It is a self-help group but I jointly facilitate it with Judith Quigley and we support members with their research. More recently I have begun further voluntary work with the Molly and Bill Project: I go into the local care home and work with residents to develop their family trees. Here is a piece that appeared in the local newspaper.

Relevant genealogy courses: Genealogy: Researching your Family Tree, University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, 2017.

Please text or leave a message on 0734 065 4376.

Judith Quigley: For the last 18 years I have been carrying out research into my own family history and that of other family members and friends. I have also undertaken some research into the history of several family homes.

Over this time I have taken part in several Family History workshops run by the likes of FindmyPast, The Ulster Historical Foundation and Manchester and Lancashire Family History Society.

Relevant genealogy courses:

Genealogy: Researching your Family Tree, University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, 2016,

Pharos Teaching & Tutoring Ltd.,

Various online Genealogy Courses working towards Family History Skills & Strategies Certificate.

Terms and Conditions

Free Consultation: We make no charge for an initial enquiry. When we receive an enquiry we will ask you to provide as much information as possible to allow us to carry out an initial search to identify whether sufficient documents are available to allow the research to be undertaken successfully.

If we are unable to help we will tell you at the earliest opportunity and no charge will be made. If the initial search proves successful and we accept your commission we will contact you to agree the timescale and request a 50% deposit to conduct the research. No further research will be conducted until the deposit is received.

Undertaking the Research: Once the deposit has been received, we will undertake the research according to your chosen package or research requirements. Regular progress updates will be provided during the course of the project.

Upon completion of the research we will inform you that the documentation is ready and issue an invoice for the final balance of the fees due. Within 5 days of final payment being received we will dispatch the documentation to you. Please note that all documentation remains the property of JaJu Genealogy until final payment is received.

Payments: Payment can be made by cheque in £ sterling (made payable to either J. Bridget or J Quigley depending on which of us is conducting the research).

Liability: Historical family records found both in private collections and official archives are a rich source of information, but sometimes they can be misleading and often contain illegible or hard to read handwriting and a variety of spellings. Some historical documents, such as census returns, can contain inaccuracies because our ancestors were misunderstood by the transcribers or were perhaps not quite telling the whole truth. Because of this, every genealogical research project is vulnerable to the occasional inaccuracy.

JaJu Genealogy will make every effort to verify the research findings from the original documents; however, whilst the quality of our research is of a high standard the accuracy of the findings cannot be guaranteed where evidence is unreliable or contradictory.

If any inaccuracies are found to be due to errors on the part of JaJu Genealogy, and are identified in good time, we are happy to correct the error and revise the documentation at no extra cost. If any errors or omissions are found to be the result of inaccuracies in the initial information provided by you the research report will be corrected and reprinted for an additional fee.

Terminating the Contract: If any client wishes to terminate the research contract, they must inform JaJu Genealogy by either telephone or email. JaJu Genealogy will calculate the amount of work undertaken prior to cancellation and will invoice you at a rate of £20 per hour plus costs (up the total price of the package ordered). On receipt of this payment any research documentation will be forwarded to you. Please note that all documentation remains the property of JaJu Genealogy until payment is received.

Pricing: We offer several packages according to your needs.

Bronze: under this we will carry out an agreed research objective which will cost £20 per hour plus costs at an initial agreed maximum of £100.Should more work be necessary we will agree any extension and the cost with you.

For the Silver package we would follow one branch of your family tree (father, grandfather, great grandfather) and at the same time provide details of their wives and children. Where possible we also include a few details about the parents and siblings of each wife. Of course, it is not always possible to trace the wife prior to her marriage but if the information can be found we include it.

The Silver research typically takes 8 to 10 weeks to complete and aims to research the family line back to about 1800. On completion you will receive a full written report giving a narrative description of each generation, a family tree diagram, up to 6 birth or marriage certificates and copies of any relevant documents identified during the research.

With regards to fees, the total cost of this package is £290 which is collected in two equal instalments. An invoice for the first instalment will be sent once we have received the information requested above and have confirmed that it is possible to carry out the research, the final instalment will become due once the research is complete.

The gold package is the same as the silver but for both your father's and mother's lines and will cost £550.

During this process if we identify that there is evidence to go back further we can agree this on similar terms as the bronze package, i.e. we would agree on the basis of £20 per hour initially up to £100.


Anna, London:   A word to say thank you for doing my family tree. My mother died when I was a child but as a result of all your hard work I have come to know her better. I was thrilled that the building where she was born is still standing and you even managed to obtain a photograph! Your work has been copied to family members and they have been equally appreciative. How amazing that our ancestor was a well known chef and had produced cookery books as long ago as 1736! I will certainly be recommending you to family and friends.