Ellen/Elinor/Eleanor Constantine (1785-1863)

Ellen was born in Hawes, she is the first of two daughters born to Robert Constantine (1748-1827, also born in Hawes) and Elizabeth Atkinson (1760-1823, born in Hardrow near Hawes).

Robert and Ellen were married in 1782 in Hawes. Their second daughter, Betty, was also born in Hawes in 1789.

According to Diana Elphick (Westhouses: The Suttons ) Robert and Elizabeth Constantine occupied La Cage farmhouse, which is just up the road from West House and Rigg End, in 1792; they were still here in 1806 when their second daughter, Betty died.

Here is a modern photograph of the farmhouse:

The Constantines moved to High Nunhouse between 1819 and 1821 (Dent Land Tax).

Elizabeth died at Rigg End in 1823, she was probably being looked after by her daughter, Eleanor. Robert died in 1827 when he was 79.

Eleanor married Richard Sutton on 17th May 1804 in the parochial chapel in Dent. The rest of her story is told on the Richard Sutton webpage.