Janet and Stephen's Family Heritage

Janet and Stephen Foster are the children of Bessie Foster (nee Ward) and Henry Leeming Foster (Harry). Stephen was born on 23rd March 1946 and died aged 53 years on 25th April 1999 whilst on holiday in Lanzarote. Janet was born in 1947 and is developing this website!

The above photograph is of me and Stephen outside the back door at 80 Redearth Road where we both grew up. Here is another one, probably taken at the same time - no, I have a different jumper one! Our grandad, Joe Ward, is behind us.

We are post World War II baby boomers, brought up on rationing but I still love ham and pea soup and dumplings! Below is a photograph of us in the front room at Number 80.

Our parents were married in March 1945 and that is their wedding photograph at the top of this page. I'm guessing the best man on the left is Arthur Game Hardy who was one of the witnesses, Arthur was married to Harry's sister Jane, or Jenny as she was known; standing next to him is Dorothy Foster, my dad's sister, then my dad, my mum and uncle Jim Ward, my mother's eldest brother, then Kathleen Atkinson, my mother's sister (aunty Kit), then Tommy Turnbull, my cousin and son of May Ward (aunty May), my mother's eldest sister.
There were two other bridesmaids but unfortunately I can't fit them into the frame; they are my cousins Marion Ward, the daughter of uncle Tom, my mother's other brother and Kathleen Turnbull, daughter of aunty May and sister of Tommy.

Here we are sitting on a bench in Sunnyhurst Woods:

Our family tree starts in four segments. The Fosters, beginning with our father, Harry Foster; this section traces his father's side of the family.

The second section, Hamer, starts with Jane Hamer, our father's mother. It is ironic that neither Stephen nor myself knew the Fosters or Hamers because we both seem to have inherited quite a lot of their genes, both looks and traits - including our love of music. Grandma Foster - Jane Hamer - was a music teacher but we were not aware of this. Both myself and Stephen sang and played in pop groups but it is important to note that other members of the Ward family, in particular aunty Kit, had a lovely singing voice.

The third section looks at the history of the Ward family and begins with my mum, Beatrice (Bessie) Ward.

The final section, Shannon, looks at the history of my grandma's family. Again, it is ironic that we were closest to our grandma as she brought us up whilst mum was out at work, yet because her family are Irish, it is the most difficult to trace!

The matriarchal lines can be accessed by clicking on the name of the spouse which is underlined. For example, in the Foster Line, the wife of Christopher Foster (1871-1935) is Betsy Leeming Taylor, which is underlined. By clicking on Betsy you will access her family history. Alternately, look at the Website Map.